About me. And all my thoughts.

I told my husband the other day “I have an opinion on everything!”  He loved to hear that coming out of my mouth & agreed with me whole heartedly. I wish I didn’t… sometimes.  I really don’t have an opinion on EVERYTHING because I’m not that smart, but I do tend to have so many thoughts floating around in my brain, and I couldn’t keep them in if I tried.  I am also continually doing projects around my house that I get excited about & would like to “show & tell”  These are reasons why I’ve (precociously) considered writing a blog.

Reasons I hesitate are:

1.  I am “perfectionist wanna be”.  I try to be a perfectionist, but it’s not my personality to be one. I’m impatient and rush through things and am not very thorough or disciplined. I’ve resisted the idea of a blog because I feel I’m not “ready”, I seem to be waiting for things to line up in my life & be “perfect”.  I think I’ve acknowledged the obvious… ain’t gonna happen.

2.  I don’t have the best grammar

3.  I’m worried it will be a time trap

4.  I’m not a huge fan of social media.  I participate reluctantly.  I  both love and hate it  wholeheartedly.  It seems at times to me a necessary evil.  The thought of comments & responding make me happy & not happy.  So ya, I’m conflicted.

5.  I am kind of a private person.  Pretty split down the middle: half introvert, half extravert.

6.  I don’t like controversy.  I really can’t stand arguments on facebook & get annoyed at the obnoxious post about politics & doctrine.  I know I do not share this philosophy with everyone, but I see facebook as an “acquaintance page”.  I have a lot of thoughts about all that jazz. Maybe one day I’ll “blog” about it!!  Because if you come to my “personal blog” then you signed up for my thoughts and soap boxes eh!?

What draws me to this endeavor  is that I read people’s blogs & thoroughly enjoy some of their projects, thoughts on faith, or motherhood and it has had an impacted me.  It’s made me think, “Maybe I can impact someone body’s life positively in the same way… I can share what’s going on with me. ”  So yesterday I thought “what the hey!?” It’s never going to be perfect (because of the whole wanna be perfectionist thing).   What’s the worst that can happen?

So with complete & total hesitancy I present to you my FIRST, SECOND post!

If anyone has been so kind to stop by I hope you have a wonderful night!


Second Post

Grrrr.  Aggravation.  Just spent an hour or so writing about why I was starting a blog & giving all the disclaimers that come along with it.  But  my little princess woke up so I went to get her… and then the prince… and after a couple diaper changes & mouths to feed later, here I am at my computer that has gone to “sleep” (how nice) unable to retrieve my last draft.  It’s all good though right!? If I start this as imperfectly as this today than perhaps my standards for maintaining will be minimal & I may find the joy in doing this without over thinking it.  Apologies for my poor grammar.  I’m no pro.  I’ll work on the “First Post” & all the reasons for blogging & disclaimers that come along with it tomorrow.  As for today I think I’ll just launch it to get things going & let it build momentum as we go.  Can you make a smiley face on a blog with these punctuations? 🙂 I have a lot to learn.