The Trunk Fiasco

I  planned to share my first project via blog this week, and how appropriate, that it seems to be going all wrong. I’ll load the pics & let you in on the obstacles I’m coming across and let you decide…

I picked up this beauty at a furniture re-sale shop downtown.


You can see it’s got some wear & tear, especially on the buckles, but it’s good wood &  slides open nicely serving quite functionally as a coffee table/ toy box.  I have been pondering for months now what color to paint it (I know, hairsplitting) when I had the epiphany last week that it should be orange.  White would get dirty, and tan (or another neutral) would be too boring.  The color pallet in our den, where it currently resides, is brown, tan and cream…. ick, puke & boring… it needs some POP!  So naturally I snuggled up to orange… specifically: “roasted squash”.

 Am I the only one that gets totally sucked into the names the paint factories put on these samples!!?? HELP ME! I think I have a paint addiction!! I have fallen prey to this seduction more than one time! In my house we have “Lemonade Slush”, “Retro Green”, “Charisma”, & “Honesty”…. HONESTLY!  The fall weather and pumpkin spice coffee is what entranced me to do this! I knew it was dangerous but I’m a “live on the edge” kind of girl with color, so in an impulsive whim I bought it. Naturally, I figured the universe was pulling me in this direction, what other options did I have?  If nothing else I will have created a  “conversation piece” (as if I need that).   It’s really nothing special now, I reasoned, so pretty much anything I do to it is an improvement… right!??

 Monday after I sanded & primed the trunk  I was starting to have some serious doubts (don’t tell my husband: the “orange hater” I have remained confident to him on my color choice through the entire metamorphosis).  Here are the first strokes of the beloved “Roasted Squash”…


Then after another coat it was starting to look okay.  If it hadn’t stormed all night last night it would have been more “okay”.  Here is what it looks like today, paint moistened & wet spots.


The photos aren’t that great.  I’ m not thrilled at how the  leather strips stop abruptly on top (where it used to connect to buckles on the bottom).  I like the contrast of the brown squares though.

The kids are napping now, so I’m off to “distress” it for a rugged/ antique look which I’m hoping will bring it all together.  If not, this may turn into my next DIY project where I strip it down again & come to a more reasonable color. Crossing my fingers… it’s not finished, or in the den yet.  It may turn out perfect! Let’s not pretend it’s going to bring the ambiance of a roasted squash though… more like an orange sherbet.


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