Distress My Heart

I am in LOVE with distressing.  It just seems like you can’t mess up a project with this technique, which works out great for me since I’m an amateur.  I felt possessed yesterday with the sander in my hand working it’s magic on this piece of furniture! Although I’m un-committed to the color (I may paint a different top coat down the road & let the orange distress through) overall I’m satisfied with the transformation! It only took me a couple minutes to beat it up.


Today as I was cleaning it off before I took some photos I heard this phrase go through my thoughts… “distress my heart.”  I thought of how many of us enjoy the polished, “new” or  perfect path in life, yet there are experiences we face with along the journey that we can’t control.  As a result the path we are on & the life we  live doesn’t look as polished as it does “distressed”,  or  jaded.   The trials each of us face are unique, but no one goes untouched.  There’s a verse in Philippians that says “… He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (chapter 1 v. 6).  Honestly, I’ve felt at times life was giving me a butt whooping and someone took a sander to my heart to distress it.  Am I alone?


Is it possible though that the abrasiveness of life & the imperfections it leaves, “sands” character in us, contributing to God completing His work in us? I think so.  I’m not big on assuming God has caused the pain, but there’s no denying that He’s allowed it.  And I hope we can, like this trunk, be  more attractive because of it.  I know people who are anyway. Don’t you? Can we escape being a little “beat up” by life?  Not really, but with the help of God, I think we can allow the scraping to make our character & faith more beautiful in spite of it.

IMG_3695      IMG_3765

I wasn’t looking for a spiritual allegory when I started the project but was pleased to come across one.  The next time I experience a blow from life I wasn’t expecting I hope I can say honestly to the Lord, “distress my heart” and trust He will be faithful to do that, making the grit worthwhile.


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